Because I wasn't able to attend the 2005 DS Weekend, my friend Richard Hatch filled in to take some photos for Dark Shadows Online. Rick captured some fun images of cast members, stepping into a few shots -- and also photographed some of his friends who were also there to enjoy the festivities. Thanks, Rick! -- Craig Hamrick, DSO Webmaster
The 05 DS Weekend took place in Hollywood, giving fans and stars a chance to reconnect and bond over their love of the classic soap opera. Frequent fan-fave guests like Kathryn Scott, David Selby, and Lara Parker were joined by Jerry Lacy, making a rare appearance -- and heading the cast of a a new play along with most of the original TV show cast members present: Vengeance at Collinwood. Nancy Barrett performed a cabaret show, Marie Wallace introduced her new memoir, and Lara Parker talked about her upcoming DS novel. For more information, visit the official DS Festival website.

cobert group karlanbarrett
Rick with DS composer Bob Cobert. Cast members after the play. John Karlen and Nancy Barrett
kls4 lacy lara1
Kathryn Leigh Scott Jerry Lacy Lara Parker
lara2 lara3 marie
Rick with Lara David Selby, Lara, and John Marie Wallace
marie2 selby2 selbykls
Marie promotes her new book. Selby Kathryn and David
selbys sythomashoff zmage010
David Selby and son Jamison Sy Thomashoff Rick and friends
zmage013 zmage014 zmage016