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"The Dark Shadows cast members were an unusual group of people. They were just as dramatic in their own personas as the characters they played. So every rehearsal was like an adventure. It was just wonderful. They all were fun to work with. They were special. There wasn't an ordinary person in the whole cast."
– Lela Swift, director

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Barnabas & Company is a comprehensive look at the cast members who brought the TV classic Dark Shadows to life.

It features a history of the show and a complete cast list, plus biographies of the stars and trivia -- even the most diehard DS fans will learn new facts.

Author Craig Hamrick offers a unique perspective on the show--having interviewed more than a dozen DS castmembers and spending the past two years researching about the cast members' lives and careers.

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A note from the author
Welcome to this special web-only companion to my new book, Barnabas and Company! It's a way for me to share with you things like photos that didn't make it into the book -- as well as more cast stories and trivia. Over the next few months, I'll be writing web-exclusive articles, and I have plans for lots of other fun features--including all-new interviews with Dark Shadows cast members, and photo galleries of video-captures from some of their best pre- and post-DS TV and movie work.

Also, I hope this mini-site will provide an opportunity for readers of Barnabas & Company to give me feedback about the book. Please email your comments to me at craig@craighamrick.com I'll either respond personally or on this site, as soon as I can. (If you'd rather your name not appear on the site, please let me know that in your email.) I'd really love to hear from you!

I hope you've already read and enjoyed Barnabas & Company -- but if you haven't, please visit Amazon.com today and order your copy. Remember that the continued success of Dark Shadows-related books ensures that there will be more produced in the future. So if you love Dark Shadows, please support my books and the books of Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, Diana Millay and others. Thanks!

Craig Hamrick
September 2003