The Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game
has the spooky distinction of being the only Milton Bradley board game whose pieces include a coffin, tiny wooden stakes, scaffolds, and plastic bones. Players twirl a spinner and receive a bone that matches the picture on the square the spinner stops on. Using these bones, players race to complete an entire skeleton, and the winner gets the right to wear an included set of vampire fangs. The game was manufactured in 1969, and today is a fairly common collectible.


The Dark Shadows Game was manufactured by Whitman in 1968. Players choose one of four cardboard playing pieces -- which feature drawings of an empty grave, a grandfather clock, a howling wolf, or a candle. Cards are dealt to each player from a deck of 52 cards which picture bats, spiders and knives. Players make their way around the paper game board (which also features spooky images, including Collinwood and a ghostly woman) by playing a card that matches the next square in front of them. If they have no matching card, they discard and draw another from the deck. They first player to reach the finish square wins.

Two photo cards with pictures of Jonathan Frid as Barnabas were included with the game, but are often missing from the sets today.


Two  Dark Shadows Magic Slates were manufactured by Western Publishing in 1969. Magic Slates are kind of a primitive version of the classic Etch-A-Sketch -- you can draw on them, but when you lift the plastic sheet, your image disappears. They retailed for 39 cents.

  Two Dark Shadows Jigsaw Puzzles were made by Whitman in 1969. Each contains 1,200 pieces. Though they were sold separately, they both have the same catalog number.


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