Terry Crawford
Dark Shadows Characters:
Beth Chavez, Edith Collins

Appeared in: 63 episodes

First episode: # 646, December 16, 1968

Last episode: # 1186, January 11, 1971

Born: Boston, Massachusettes; February 13

Terry Crawford became a professional actress and theater producer at quite an early age. To earn money for movie tickets when they were children, Terry and her sister wrote and performed in plays for their neighbors. The films they watched inspired young Terry's dreams of furthering her dramatic career. She put those dreams aside, however, as she grew up. She enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and planned to study psychology. But a car accident derailed her plans, and as she convalesced, she decided to give acting a more grown-up try. She moved to New York City, where she attended Hunter College and began acting.

Terry’s theatrical career started in 1962, when she appeared in the New York City World's Fair production of To Broadway With Love. Later she appeared on Broadway in the Rodgers and Hart musical By Jupiter and toured the U.S. with that show as well as Apple Tree, another musical.

In 1968, she joined the cast of Dark Shadows as Beth Chavez, the family maid in love above her station -- with werewolf Quentin Collins. She later played Edith Collins during the 1840 storyline. While on the show, she continued to attend college.

Terry's film credits include small roles in Sharkey’s Machine (1981, starring Burt Reynolds), and Midnight Cowboy (1969) -- and a cameo in House of Dark Shadows as Todd's nurse.
On television, she appeared on The Catlins, Maid in America, Coronet Blue, East Side-West Side, Trials of O’Brien, and a special starring Robert Goulet.

Terry was in a couple dozen nationally aired TV commercials, including one for Milton Bradley’s Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game, which also featured Jonathan Frid. She’s shown reading a book in the drawing room at Collinwood, then getting startled by a bare-fanged Barnabas.) (Click here to read about that and other DS collectibles.)

In sharp contrast to the fanatical Reverend Trasks featured on Dark Shadows, Terry went on to become a compassionate and spiritually enlightened minister after leaving the show. She’s an ordained minister, and she created a group called Inner Light Ministry, to promote human awareness and growth. She has also done extensive work to help needy children throughout the world.

In 2002, Terry returned to the stage, performing a new role in the DS reunion play Return to Collinwood. Her Violet Chavez showed up at Collinwood for the reading of Elizabeth Collins Stoddards' will, claiming to be the new wife of David. (Click here to read more about the play and see more photos.)

Terry (far right) appeared in Return to Collinwood with Nancy Barrett, Roger Davis, Marie Wallace and other former DS costars.


Career Highlights

DAYTIME TV: The Catlins (1983).

PRIMETIME TV: Trials of O'Brien, East Side-West Side, Coronet Blue, Cliff Dwellers.

TV FILM: Maid in America (2nd woman at party, 1982).

TV COMMERCIALS: Milton Bradley's Barnabas Collins-Dark Shadows Game, Pfeifer Salad Dressing, Fresca, Diet Mazola, A-1 Steak Sauce, Lysol, Taylor Zippers, Braniff, Hudson Tissues, Noilly Prat.

SCREEN: Sharky's Machine (1981), Sam's Song (1969, aka The Swap, 1979 - new footage), House of Dark Shadows (Todd's nurse, 1970), Midnight Cowboy (1969), Luv (1967), The Tiger Makes Out (1967), A Fine Madness (1966), Mister Buddwing (1966).

THEATER: Harold Arlen Songbook (1966-67), The Apple Tree, By Jupiter, Loop The Loop, Macbeth.

Terry got a chance to "vamp it up" with Jonathan Frid.


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