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Langley & Verla:
Louis worked with Carol Burnett
In 1983 All My Children fan -- and TV legend -- Carol Burnett asked the show's producer if she could be join the cast briefly. The role that was written especially for her was Verla Grubb, illegitimate daughter of Langley Wallingford (Louis Edmonds).READ MORE.
Louis swam onscreen with Troy Donahue and a Star Trek actress
Just before joining the cast of Dark Shadows, Louis starred in a beach blanket spy movie with former teen idol Troy Donahue and Andrea Dromm, who appeared in an early episode of Star Trek.


Ernest on Stage: Louis Goes Wilde
Six years before he played dour Roger Collins on Dark Shadows, Louis happily dashed about a Greenwich Village stage in a pink bow tie, singing and dancing as Algernon in a hit off-Broadway musical adaptation of Osar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest called Ernest in Love. READ MORE.

Collecting Big Lou

As one of the stars of Dark Shadows and then All My Children, Louis's photo was featured on a number of collecible items -- including paperback books and a View-Master set.

About Uncle Roger: Nancy Barrett discusses working with Louis

The Governess Speaks: an interview with Alexandara Moltke





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