Find out more about Louis Edmonds -- and about "Big Lou" elsewhere on the web.

• Read a review of Big Lou written by Stuart Manning, editor of the Dark Shadows Journal. You can also read Stuart's own brief bio of Louis there.

View Louis' acting credits on the Internet Movie Database.

Shop for Louis-related collectibles on

• Find out about some of Louis' Broadway outings on the Internet Broadway Database.

• See exactly which episodes of Dark Shadows Louis acted on, at Dark

Read a brief bio of Louis at TV

Get a detailed description of Ernest in Love, one of Louis' off-Broadway triumphs, at Musical Heaven. You can also read about his Broadway debut, Candide, there.

• Check out MSN Entertainment's page on Louis.

Louis' obituary is posted on Soap Central.

Dress up your computer screen with some nice wallpaper images of Louis at Portraits of


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